What gave you the most trouble to learn in UTAU?

Just wondering what makes most people tear their hair out about starting UTAU.

I was limited to UTAU Synth when I started, so what gave me the most hassle was learning how to make a Synth VB windows compatible.
It took me like a year of trying different things since there was no tutorial or anything for awhile (plus i had never touched windows utau and didnt know the differences in how they worked) and then when I found out the true answer, it was so unbelievably simple I wanted to scream for all the wasted time LEL.

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Honestly for me the hardest part was getting sound out of it

Back then I thought resampler.DLL was what I needed to use

Hmm, looking back on my earlier covers it would have been my lack of knowledge on fitting an UST to a bank so it always came out like crap, but discounting that, it was learning how the oto works because some of the banks I wanted to use had some really bad configurations.