Welcome to Vocalsynth Discuss

Vocalsynth Discuss is a place for all members of the vocal synthesis community to come together! It doesn’t matter what you’re into. Vocaloid, UTAU, Chipspeech, Cevio, art, you name it. We are an all inclusive place for people just like us to come together and have in-depth discussions and long lasting relationships. We have a place for everyone and strive to make everyone’s experience a great one.

This category is for people to freely talk about…well…anything! As long as you follow the rules ofc.

  • Vocalsynth Discuss is the next iteration of Vocalsynth Space, a new breed of forum for the community!

  • We have many places for members to discuss, joke, and show off their skills! While also keeping

  • This forum is for anyone who is unhappy with how other forums have been run or just want a different atmosphere. So many other forums are centric to only one synth, are way too focused to the point it is restrictive, or have other pitfalls that get in the way of having good and civilized discussions.

  • You can find out more in the about sections for each category/sub-category plus the about and additional pages found in the menu on the top right.

We listen to our members and want to mold our forum to the needs of the community, so feel free to drop your ideas into #site-feedback.