VOCALOID 5 Update Dreams

So in the v3 and v4 eras we saw a lot of updates for voicebanks. So my question is… What vocaloids do you want updated? (Assuming Yamaha fixes v5 and it’s no longer broken)
My answer is obvious but I may as well say it. I would love an update of MAIKA. What I’d like to see them do is make her less finnicky for English if possible, if not maybe just give her a proper English voicebank. Also I’d love to see dedicated soft and power banks. But that’s just me dreaming lol. I’d also like to see not just the v1 English trio but Sonika updated as well. because I do like her voice a lot!

Also… Unrelated but I wish Yamaha would bring back cross synthesis.

I wish they’d finally update gumi English honestly, with appends so we get a useful English voicebank finally

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