I'm new here!

Yo I’m mega!
I’m not too sure of what to put here, but I’ve been using voice synths for a few years now (though I’m still not very good and I hardly know what I’m doing half the time if I’m being honest sdfndgdf)

I own quite a few VOCALOIDs (many being physical copies), and I tend to work with that, UTAU, and Chipspeech! I’m slowly trying to get into SynthV and a few other synths as well!

I mostly make covers and I’ve recently starting making talkloids as well. I sometimes use MMD for things.

I’ve got a few UTAUs of my own (a lot are joke vbs) and I guess who I’d consider my main UTAU atm is Ju Heishi!

My favorite voice synth overall is Chipspeech, and it’s really hard to choose a favorite vocal since I really like them all gdfjgdf

My favorite VOCALOID is Tonio!
And I have a lot of favorite UTAUs, but some of them are LOKE, Erusalem, Ohnawa Mukade, Macne Papa, and Needle!

I’m sorry for rambling a bit dgndf
I’m not the best when it comes to navigating forum sites so please bear with me!

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