Hi there, new challenger coming!

Hello everyone, a new Frenchie is here!

My name’s Sasha, I use the pronouns they/them and I love Alter/Ego.
I’m slowly starting to write my own songs, but I mostly make covers in French using ALYS and LEORA. I also happen to reaaaally like Spider-Man and Puella Magi.

You can find my stuff here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0dvZWNcs0EV4RaNoBpid6A and I also have a Patreon under the same name where I post WIPs and things I make for school.
I’m also open for collabs so you can hmu whenever.

That’s all folks!


Greetings Sasha, welcome to the community!

We hope you have a fantastic time here and feel free to talk about anything you want here! There is a place for every kind of conversation.

We’re working on a French version of the site so it’d be great to have you there too when it launches!

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