End Of The Game [ALYS & LEORA]

hi there I’m here to present my first original song I wrote for VOCALYS contest, featuring both ALYS and LEORA

It’s in French, and the story is loosely based on Avengers: ENDGAME (yes, really) with Peter&Tony except they’re now about the same age, girls, and lesbians. LEORA dies but ALYS can’t live without her so she goes back in time to save her, sacrificing her in the process. It’s a bit sad uh.

Sadly, as I was reaaaally late and finished it 10 min before the deadline, the tuning and the mix and all kinda suck but at least I did it. If anyone has feedback to give, i’d love some (especially since I’m working on a better version of this to put on youtube). Thanks for listening!

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