Does anyone have any tips for tuning?

i’ve been using utau for a few years now, but i could never really figure out anything past incredibly simple tuning. i know a few people who use autopitchwriter and then edit from there, which is what i’ve been doing recently as well, but it always feels like i could be doing more to make my tuning sound good. i know this is a SUPER broad question, but i’d still be grateful for any tips you all have.

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First, a plugin can really help with tuning.
Pitch Edit is a fantastic plugin for letting you more easily create points and even draw pitchbends. Just be sure to edit only small sections since the plugin can occasionally glitch.

It may be helpful to download some examples of people singing (vocal only/acapella, not a full song) and open the file in AckieSound VocalShifter LE to see what their pitch bends look like. Just be sure to ocnvert the audio to a WAV first with audacity or something.

If you want to download singing examples from Youtube, ClipGrab is a safe program that lets you do so.

I can’t tell you exactly how to tune since it depends on the genre but you can get creative with it. Even just a little can make a big difference.


Depends on what you personally think sounds good ofc, but I like to find a nice human cover(s) of the song and base the nuances of the tuning off of how they sing it. Sometimes cover artists put their own spin on things like with riffs and extra harms, or with the way they say consonants, so a lot of the time it helps bring new ideas.

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