Anyone misses Alter/Ego?

Cuz I really do, I loved using it and I think it could have sounded amazing with more time

What are your thoughts on the whole shebang?


I miss it but then again, I never found much use for it since I didn’t put the time in learning how to use it lol. It would nice if development could resume so we could get some new banks but if it doesn’t, we’ll just have to make use of what we have.

Honestly it’d be funny if they made a Utau style non vst sequencer and it turned out better than vocaloid

Absolutely- it was getting better and better too, to the point where I think it could have been a good competitor to the other vocal synths out there while being on an entire league of its own due to its ease of use. I’m sad about the whole NATA debacle, I really liked her voice. Still waiting for Leora’s eng vb… :frowning: if it will ever happen. I really enjoyed using it too.


I miss Alter/Ego so much that I keep using it, despite everything. Apparently LEORA’s update is on the way, although I doubt they will keep the xfade function they wanted to create specifically for LEORA. We should get it before end of 2019 but who really knows…

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