About the Voicebanks category

Users can post their voicebanks here!

Most UTAU users have created their own bank so why not share it? Using tags, members can sort through the selection to find what they are looking for.
A template is supplied when you start writing your topic to make it easier! Don’t be afraid to style the post as much as you want.

Topics need to be titled clearly. You should include the voicebank name romanized, supported languages, and tag(s) for the types. The name should have the family name last (western order).
Example: John Doe - English / Japanese+Spanish addons / French
Add the tags using the drop down in the post editor.
  • No incomplete or derivative voicebanks. This category is for finished banks only.

  • Threads MUST have a voicebank type tag. You can find these under the tags page, they’ll also be listed when you open the menu.

    • VCCV english banks are categorized under #cvvc as they function under the same principle.
  • Extras added to a voicebank (ex: Japanese with english addons) don’t count as another supported language, you need to define it like Japanese+English addons

  • Only one thread per voicebank character. Multiple voicebanks for the same character go in the same thread.

    • A single voicebank for multiple characters should only be posted as one thread.
    • If editing is not available, ask a staff member to add content for you!
  • Users can rate a voicebank as part of a reply to the thread. An explanation should be attached to the rating if it’s low to help the author improve.

  • Stolen voicebanks are unacceptable!

That’s all! We know it looks complicated but it’s to make finding banks much easier for everyone. It’s actually a simple process and if you forget anything we’ll let you know so you can fix it (or fix it ourselves).