About the Tutorials category

Guides for the aspiring artist.

The tutorials section is here is for anyone getting into any type of art, feel free to write your own!

Good tutorials and resources are a MUST to learn…almost anything! Anyone on the forums may create a tutorial about any topic regarding the software

  • Be sure to tag your art tutorials! The available tags are automatically listed.

  • Tutorials may be rated by our staff on a 5 :star: scale. This is an initiative to make quality resources available to everyone and incentivize our members to write great tutorials!

    • Our favorite tutorials may be pinned!
    • Adding a fake rating to your tutorials is frowned upon.
  • Tutorials need to be kept up to date as standards change. Old/abandoned tutorials will be marked as such.

  • Clearly label the tutorial so people know what it is!

  • Check to see if another tutorial of the same type is already there, we suggest only writing one if you feel you can add more.

  • If too many resources of the same type exist with little difference, staff may create a wiki thread and/or put them all together. The authors will be credited.

  • If your resource is good enough, we may have it added to an official collection! You’ll be credited of course.

Please don’t steal resources created by other users (ex: from other sites). Your resource will be taken down immediately.