About the Tutorials category

Structured guides and lessons.

Good tutorials and resources are a MUST to learn…almost anything! Anyone on the forums may create a tutorial about any topic regarding the software

  • Tutorials may be rated by our staff on a 5 :star: scale. This is an initiative to make quality resources available to everyone and incentivize our members to write great tutorials!

    • Our favorite tutorials may be pinned!
    • Adding a fake rating to your tutorials may result in account restrictions.
    • Ratings will also be tagged so it’s easy to find!
  • Tutorials need to be kept up to date as software and standards change. Old/abandoned tutorials will be marked as such.

  • Clearly label the tutorial so people know what it is!

  • Check to see if another tutorial of the same type is already there, we suggest only writing one if you feel you can add more.

  • If too many resources of the same type exist with little difference, staff may create a wiki thread and/or put them all together. The authors will be credited.

  • Be sure to tag you Tutorial with the vocal-synth or other software it’s made for!

  • If your resource is good enough, we may have it added to an official collection! You’ll be credited of course.

Please don’t steal resources created by other users (ex: from other sites). Your resource will be taken down immediately.