About the Toolbox category

Assistive plugins and tools.

Plugins and other tools are important for making your life easier. These include plugins that run inside the software or external tools.

  • Reclists should be tagged with the voicebank type they are for (#cv, #vcv, #cvvc, #arpasing) and the language should be in the title.

    • We suggest you test your reclist before uploading, if not please add [UNTESTED] to the topic title.
    • As the author of your list, it’s your responsibility to provide assistance if a user encounters an issue.
    • VCCV lists go under #cvvc
  • Threads and links to plugins not created by you are fine, it’s important to let people know! If the author asks they can take over the thread and make it official. You need to include information, a short sentence and a link isn’t enough. Reclists aren’t included here.

  • Make sure the topic title has the tool name and general idea of what it is.

  • Make sure no one else has already posted the exact plugin.

  • Similar plugins may be mentioned in threads as alternatives. Users like to pick their flavor.