About the Questions category

Community driven Q&A

The questions sub allows our users to ask and answer questions. This can involve any aspect of using the software.

  • Question categories lets users ask for help when using the software. This can span a wide range of topics.

  • Questions not specific to that software (ex: “how do I make a midi/ust/vsq/etc?”) probably goes in the #music-production:theory category. We’ll move your category to the right place for you if not!

  • Unlike other categories, in this one the thread creator can choose the best answer**. The best answer should be the reply that gives the most information. NOT the answer that was first or your ‘favorite’.

  • This section is NOT for asking questions like “who is the best”, “where do I find …”, opinion, or other questions. This section is for questions related to usage of the software and troubleshooting only.

**Forum staff can change the best answer if it better answers the question than the one the OP chose.