About the Performance category

Play an instrument? This category is for you.

This is the place to go to show off your skills! From novice to expert, anyone who plays an instrument is free to post their skills and progress/journey here.
It’s great to learn another skill, hopefully you may even inspire more to do the same!

  • Unlike #music and #music-production, this category is for anyone who plays an instrument. You can also cross-post between here and #music if your original song is largely played as a real performance.

    • We ask that you don’t cross-post if your songs only sparsely contain playing, we want to hear the performance, not your sick vaporwave skills.
    • The same goes from covers.
  • Digital/synth instruments like midi keyboards and launchpads are also fine!

  • If you want, feel free to attach the sheet music/tabs as an image or pdf so members can try to follow along!

  • Put your singing in the sub-category please.