About the Music Production category

Generic hi-hats and loops galore.

This category is for members who are learning music production and/or want opinions on WIPs. Finished music should go in #music.

  • Unlike the #music category, this one is for people who are learning or need opinions on anything unfinished.

    • You can post wips in the main #music-production category without a subcategory. The subs are for more specific discussion on theory and DAW usage.
  • This category is inherently subject to lots of opinions and critique. Keep it civil and remember, we’re all human!

  • Don’t post here if you don’t want to risk getting a critique/advice.

  • Any arguing, shaming, deflecting, will result in that member having access removed. We want to keep a positive environment for everyone!

It’s good to remember that humans have a very obvious negativity-bias. We often latch onto the negative without also reflecting on what’s positive. Both the giver and receiver need to keep a good balance between the two and understand that accidents happen! Even a largely negative or rude-sounding opinion could have been written in good faith.
Don’t take criticism personally, they’re talking about your work to help your journey, not about you.

Please remember that general forum rules still apply in this board! Do not engage in gaslighting behavior (for example, asking for feedback but later acting like you never asked for feedback when you don’t like the result)