About the Music category

Finished audio works.

The Music category is the dumping ground for finished originals and covers. Creators can showcase any finished work here.

  • Please introduce yourselves and post elsewhere on the site before posting your works here. Otherwise it’s considered spam.

  • This category is here to keep non-discussion topics out of the more general areas to avoid clogging them.

  • As this is a more general category, any works (vocal synth or not) can be posted here.

  • Posting here opens your works to public critique, regardless of asking for it. Public works are subject to public opinion. We ask our members to keep critiques civilized.

    • Any misconduct can result in being temporarily removed from this category. This category (and any critiques) are to help creators grow, not fight. This includes the creator as well.
    • Users who want absolutely no feedback can put the #no-feedback tag in their post.
  • Covers with human singing (assuming the cover isn’t an arrange) should use the #performance:singing sub-category instead.

Excerpt from the #music-production about thread:

Much of the same applies here too!