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Paint splatter and bright lights.

Here you can post topics pertaining to art, photography, 3D modeling, animation, and writing work. You should post in the respective sub-category.

  • Avoid posting anything NSFW/R-18. This forum is open to a wide age range so no boobies.

    • Figure drawings for studying must be (liberally) censored if the breasts and/or genitals are bare and detailed.
  • the #creative:mmd-3d sub-category is for any type of 3D works, not just MMD. This includes Blender, 3Ds Max, Maya, CAD, and more.

  • 2D Animation, graphic design, and sculpting can go in the #creative:art sub.

  • Writings of any sort should go under #creative:writing.

    • Suggestive topics are allowed in writing but please no sexual/R-18 content.
  • Check the “About” thread in the sub-categories for more info!