About the Covers & Remixes category

You know what goes here.

This category is where you post your covers and remixes! Remember to read this thread before posting.

  • Covers and remixes stay out of #music:originals

  • Covers featuring human vocals (that are not a remix) go in #performance:singing.

  • We suggest posting the topic title with a little as possible, you can put the full credits in the thread itself.

    • Ex: instead of producer vocalsynth voicebank SONG TITLE - feat. voicebank genre year …etc…Keep it simple and do something like [genre]SONG TITLE - voice. That’s only a loose suggestion but long title make people not want to click!
  • The are no genre tags as it’d be impossible to include them all. Feel free to type the genre in the title of the thread!

  • feel free to tag your thread with the vocalsynth voices used!

  • Both vocalsynth and non-vocalsynth music is ok.

  • Don’t post other peoples’ music.

  • No, not tuning the vocals 100% the same as the original song doesn’t make your cover an arrange or original work.