About the Commissions category

Virtual crowded gray-market shopping mall.

This category is for general commissions. You can post

  • Tag you post with #open , #closed or #full to let people know if you’re taking orders!

    • #full means you’re open but have no more space. That way people can look out for when you are available.
  • Mention your currency in the title as an ISO 4217 format code to make it easier to identify. This will be the currency you are pricing under.

  • Try to avoid pricing your commissions as one currency and using another for your payment method. Fees can be a pain for both of you.

  • Exceptions are for fake/virtual currencies and points.

    • Mention what payment methods you take too! Ex: Paypal, Square, Venmo, etc.
    • NEVER pay someone as a friend/family member! This removes your protections in the case someone doesn’t honor your commission. If someone asks to be paid this way then please contact staff IMMEDIATELY.
  • Your title should be formatted roughly as [currency]What you're offering[payment methods]

  • How exactly is this different than the other categories we already have?

  • If you’re offering art or music production, please post in #bazaar:skillcrafts instead, you’ll have more exposure there.