About the Bazaar category

The forum marketplace.

The Bazaar is for selling goods and services, you can use this tag to buy, sell, request, and inquire about products and services other members may provide.

You can sell both physical and non-physical items here.

  • Examples of non-physical items include, but aren’t limited to, digital art, UTAU configuration commissions, and music.
  • Examples of physical items would used microphones, electronics, instruments, software, and more.

You may also link to websites like eBay, Reverb, and more and request users perform actual transactions through those sites and only use d.VS as a medium for advertising.

  • ‘Skillcrafts’ is a commission/trade section made specifically for artists and musicians. This section is for the more “creative” and less “technical” commissions.
  • ‘Commissions’ is for general commissions that do not go under skillcrafts.
  • ‘For Sale’ is for selling/advertising the sale of physical goods (used or new).


Some restrictions have been put in place for some goods and services in the Bazaar tag. This is mainly for the fairness of other members who would like to make use of this area of the site.


Selling of software needs to be discussed with a staff member, due to the nature of licensing some software may not be sold via d.VS.

Voice Acting:

Voice acting also has some restrictions. In the case of voice acting for UTAU or similar you may not provide this service for a fee unless you are also going under contract or some other agreement. This is for fairness towards other members and to prevent cheating them by selling your voice to multiple individuals.

Free/hobbyist voice acting also needs to be restricted to semi-unique to prevent over-saturation of the same voice. It’s better to provide your voice to very few people and make something great then to provide your voice to many people and make a bunch of sub-par banks. The staff of d.VS reserve the right to close threads that do not meet requirements, please refer to the “Uniqueness Clause”.

Uniqueness Clause:

Voice Actors (otherwise called the “talent”) cannot provide more than 2 of the same/similar voice to multiple users. However, if the talent can act and provide a wide enough variation of vocal tone and change in result this limit can be extended to an amount per distinct tonal variation. The talent would need to provide proof of this ability whether ahead of time or upon request of someone interested in you. This permission can be granted and taken away by a staff member at their discretion.


You can advertise NSFW as being an option but you may not embed or directly link to images.

Character Adoptions:

d.VS doesn’t allow “cookie cutter” art adoptions. By this we mean the same design with different colors overlaid and selling them as unique characters. This is seen as cheating and is against our fairness policy. Exceptions may exist and this could include physical cards or other products.

Free or virtual points adoptions do not have to follow this rule.

We want the Bazaar to be safe and fair to anyone, I know some of these rules seem strict but they have to be when the money and time of our members may be involved!

If you have any questions then feel free to contact a staff member.


~ The d.VS/DynamiVox Team