About the Art category

Art dumps and discussion.

Smell that? It’s the smell of everlasting suffering ART! …sweat…tears. YOU GET THE POINT.
This category is for any type of 2d art and animation.

  • I suggest you create a personal “Sketchbook” topic to dump your wips, practice, and other non-professional/serious works. That lets people flip through and give advice or just see your progress!

    • Recommend something like: NAME's Sketchbook/Sketch dump but really anything is fine.
  • Finished works can have their own thread if you’d like. That way people can judge and view it all on it’s own.

  • This isn’t just a showcase, you can also make threads discussing art and ask questions!

  • Posting here opens you to critique. Both parties should be respectful.

  • Be sure to tag your post! If you feel we need more tags, message a staff member.